Jules Radich for Mayor

Jules Radich stands for Positive Action as Mayor & in Council

Here's what Positive Action looks like...




Use it or Lose it cycle lanes. 

Utilise vacant lots NOW. 

People want to shop easily. 

Sexy buses get used.

Resistance NOT Retreat.  

Bring Back the Beach. 

Save South Dunedin. 

Voluntary carbon market.

Local supply for local need.

Digital Export Program. 

Accessible startup support. 

Development nurture.

Here's how it fits together; with Pride of Place at the heart of everything, driving governance of the City, infusing our civil service and spreading out to the wider community. These are REAL STRATEGIES involving POSITIVE ACTION to improve our city.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW a page about Jules Radich & his Policies that featured in the ODT on Saturday 20-Sept-2019

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Jules Radich

Jules' style of inclusive leadership is what Dunedin needs right now and he himself is an example of the melting pot of included cultures typical of New Zealanders. 

His Scottish grandmother gave him a determination to thrift, efficiency and effectiveness which is always needed in Council and likely to be appreciated by ratepayers. 

His Maori grandmother bequethed her love of the land and the sea. Jules is a long standing member of Forest & Bird with a large garden of native trees and well-fed songbirds naturally disposing him to environmentalism and eco-protection. 

An Irish grandfather gave him a love of adventure, culture and living life which shows up in a lifetime of motorcycle riding, art, books and outdoor activity. All of which Dunedin has in abundance to be protected and promoted.

Lastly his Dalmation grandfather left him with an inclination to independance, to business and to hard work - all of which Dunedin needs if we are to take our rightful place as the best place to live in New Zealand.

Here's why Jules Radich is the right person for the job

As a scientist and businessman with mechanical skills, his strengths are in problem solving, consensus building and strategic thinking.

Community Activist

A track record of influencing pivotal moments in important projects such as Gigatown, Orokonui Ecosanctuary and Moana Pool demonstrate a willingness to work hard for our greater good. The St Clair Beach groyne project is just the latest.

Success in Business

Jules trained as a scientist and taught before starting his hobby business of Uptown Motorcycles in Dunedin, selling it 20 yrs later. Currently a 15 yr Director of the Golden Centre and 12 yrs a Professional Business Coach, he brings a wealth of knowledge to work for Dunedin. 

Inclusive Leadership

We need to break the cycle of constant bickering and endless agendas with no resolution. This will be achieved with Values Alignment, Clear Direction and Positive Projects so the staff are supported and we foster a "culture of can do".

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